The Amazing and unknown Ganalu falls is about 78km from Mysuru and 100km from Bengaluru. Located on the way Mysore-Kanakapura road. Good place if you like to amidst nature with Chilling climate .The pathway itself has beautiful forests all around and is a treat for the nature lovers. Way to waterfall is covered by lush of greenery. Need a little patience to walk down, but once you’re there you feel relaxed. The pathway to the falls are mud steps that lead you down and onto the actual falls. Its less than half a km. Cool weather, water sound makes you feel close to nature, very scenic. Roaring sound of water gushing and falling from top is really great to watch .The mist and splashes of water droplets that hits you on face from 50 meter is a wonderful feeling. The sound of the water falling becomes more and more prominent. The flow of the water gushing down is spectacular. The falling water creates a lot of mist. Also there is a power Station next to the falls and the view is breathtaking. Overall the place is very beautiful and really worth visiting