Sri Bhu varahanatha temple is about 46km from Mysuru and 189km from Bengaluru. It is really miracle this temple is located on a High mound with the Three rivers Cauvery, Hemavathi & Lakshmanatheertha at its foot and the lush green paddy feilds around ,this village commands a picturesque view of the surroundings ,an Island full of trees bang in the middle of the river. The colour of the sky is reflected by the waters and really looks superb. The place is calm, green and secluded.The white birds come fishing in the waters and provide for a fantastic view. The air is refreshing and revitalizes one’s body upon breathing it.Varaha is the avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu in the form of a boar. The temple stands on a high mound facing east with a flight of steps leading to the main entrance, the main moorthy of Varaha with Bhoo Devi Measures 21 feet .It is said that Sage Gauthama had performed penance here and had established the diety. The edict erected in front of the temple is in devanagari script and says that it was erected by Hoysala King Veeraballalla. It is said that when the King was out to hunt in the forest, he lost his way and came to this place, thirsty,exhausted and tired. While relaxing under the shade of a tree, he saw a rabbit being chased by a wild ferocious dog. At one particular point, the rabbit, instead of running for its life, turned on the dog and chased it away. Mesmerised by the bravery of the rabbit, the king wondered about the power, that place possessed. When he came to that particular point, his exhaustion, thirst and tiredness all vanished. Curious to know about the secret of that power in that place, he got it dug up and to his astonishment, a sixteen foot long statue of Sri Varaha Swamy was found. He constructed a temple here. Overall it is a wonderful experience visiting this place and wouldn’t mind repeated visits to this place, away from the fast, life of the urban landscape