The unknown and Heavenly Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Hills is about 71km from Mysuru, located in Jakkalli village. What to say, just mind boggling place. This place is under the watchful eyes of Forest Department, hence one needs to get permission form the Forest Department to camp and trek here. If found wandering and camping here without permission,will lead to legal action from Forest Department as lot of wild animals are present this place. Hence please keep this in mind.I visited this place early morning with the Temple Priest (known as Sri Tamdigalu), suggest others also to do the same.The climbing experience is Amazing with eye soothing clouds passing through the mountains all around. There are stone steps that lead all the way to the top of the hill. Idol inside the temple is Udbhava Murthy. The history of the temple can be heard in the voice of the temple priest uploaded in the video.Photography,calm, peaceful,blissful and mesmerising place.Looking for a once in a lifetime experience of Heavenly nature visit,this is the place to be.Thus making this a must visit with friends and family