The Unknown and Marvelous Sri Kadu Malleshwara Swamy Hill Temple is about 73km from Bengaluru, 177km from Mysuru, located in Hanumanthapura village. There is muddy trail to the middle of the hill.  Sri Kadu Malleshwara Swamy temple is present at the middle of the hill. Udhbhava murthy Shiva Linga is present inside the temple. The hill is attached to surrounding hills where one can trek and explore further. Sri Murari Gavi is present under a Tamarind Tree which is few km from this place. Local villagers first offer prayer to Sri Murari Gavi and then to Sri Malleshwara Swamy during special occasion/Festivals. Have a short day in hand and looking for a quick getaway from city busy life this is the place to be. Thus making this a must visit place with friends and family