The Ancient and First Sri Anjaneya Temple of Mysuru, is about 5km from Mysuru, next to Karanji Lake. The temple was built during 1954 by Mysuru Maharaja. The idol is said be existed from the time of Chola Dynasty. During Mysuru Maharaja ruling period, mass marriage use to take place here @cost of Rs20 in the marriage choultry next to the temple built at 1982 by Mysuru Maharaja. It is believed that the people whos marriage took place in this temple either one of the couple ended up getting into IAS or IPS department. The temple will be open from 7am till 7:30am daily, only for 30min. But the temple will be available all day during Hanuman jayanthi for Devotees. The calmness, peace and blessing of Lord Hanuman makes this a must visit with Friends and Family