Matthithaleshwara Temple is situated at the Kalluveeranahalli Village of Malavalli Taluk in Mandya District. 60km from Mysuru and 107km from Bengaluru.The scenic atmosphere surrounded by the temple is really awesome.After going inside temple one feels completely peaceful.Its peaceful, less populated and you feel calm and can spend good time in the temple. Popular belief is that people suffering from skin diseases will be cured if they bathe in the water from the pond situated near the temple and if the powder from the bark of the tree is applied on the affected skin. One is supposed to have no meat throughout the day on which he/she visit the temple. Every Sunday and Thursday special poojas are offered here and thousands of people visit the place during Nagarpanchami and Shasti Jathra. Once lived a saint who meditated at this place. The tree under which he meditated was called “Matti” from which the place got its name as Mattithaleshwara. Overall you will feel the vibrations and divinity if you visit with a purpose