Guys I know weekend is about going out, exploring new places and having a great time. But some time its also good to spend time in volunteering or engaging oneself in activities like helping the old age people, specially challenged persons and most of all the animals. My request is if you see any stray dog without the notched mark on the ear. Please call the nearest dog rescue centres. The notched mark on the ear is a permanent identification mark showing that a stray has been sterilised. By this way we can prevent stray dogs from breeding more. Most of the stray dogs undergo unintentional hurt from public, which result in stray dog losing their legs, eyes and even getting killed. This can be avoided by sterilisation and also by surrendering the stray dog to the nearest dog rescue centres. There are a huge number of dog lovers who would be eager to adopt the stray dog from the dog rescue centres. People For Animals is one such animal rescue centre that lends an helping hand to all kind of animals. Paying visit to Animal rescue centre gives the animals a feel that they in safe hand and they mean so much to many