The Unknown and Magnificent Hulugana Muradi Sri Venkataramana Hill is about 73km from Mysuru, 8km from Terakanambi village. This place used to be a thick forest where lot of Tigers used to live, hence it gets it name Hulugana Muradi. The road and ride to this place is very pleasant and leads all the way to the top of the hill. Ancient temple of Lord Srinivasa is present at the top. This place is popularly known as Dakshina Sheshadri as narrated in Srimad Varaha Purana. Lord Sri Srinivasa worshipped by Lord Sri Rama in threthayuga, Pandavas in Dwaparayuga, Agasthya maharishi and Adishesha. Lord Venkataramana blessed the great saint Mandavya Maharishi on his performance of long penance. It is believed that Mandavya Maharishi still exist in this place. The hill looks like a snake when viewed from far. Veda pushkarni theertha is present here and is very blissful. Dhanushkoti theertha is also present where Lord Sri Ram used to take a dip and it never dries up. Lord Sri Ram stayed here on the way to his battle in Lanka. Overall the eye soothing nature surrounding this place, with lots of Ancient history and the blessings of Sri Venkataramana makes this a must visit with Friends and Family