The Unknown and Tranquil Heaven Sri Rameshwara Swamy Temple is about 139km from Mysuru, located in Hariharapura village. One needs to go through a small muddy trail between a coconut farm to reach this place. Sri Rameshwara Swamy Temple is situated below the hill. The main idol and the Almighty Shiva Linga inside the temple is udhbhava murthy. Temple is believed to be of chola dynasty. One can climb the hill and see a dhone in the middle of the hill which is filled with holy water throughout the year. It is believed that there is a gavi in the hill, so you can explore the hill further and find it. The view from above the hill is refreshing. Overall the blessings of Sri Rama Lingeshwara Swamy and the mesmerizing nature all around makes this a must visit picnic place with Friends and Family