The Unknown and Ancient Heaven Sri Honnamaradi Ranganatha Swami Hill Temple is about 144km from Bengaluru, 151km from Mysuru, located in Devarahalli village. There is stone muddy road that leads all the way to the top of the hill. Sri Ranganatha Swami Temple is present at the top. Legend has it that an udhbhava murthy idol was found by a local villager when he saw his cow giving milk to the idol daily. Later Vibhuthi-Bilpathre and Muru Nama-Tulsi was kept next to the idol in order to get confirmation on who is going to worship the idol. The next day the idol had Muru Nama-Tulsi, hence Sri Ranganatha Swami idol was place in front of the udhbhava murthy and worshipped. Also it is believed that at the end of fourth Shravana Shanivara no devotee stays back during night in this temple after the pooja, because it is believed that gods arrive to this temple. Once a devotee forgot his blanket came in night to this temple to collect it and saw the Almighty being, his head, foot and body slpit into three different parts. Head and Foot can be seen at the top of the temple. The body is below the temple and whoever visit the temple throws a stone to the body resting place, a ritual followed by local people. The view from above is tranquil, especially watching the lake. Overall the blessings of Sri Ranganatha Swami and the mythical history of this place makes this a must visit picnic place with Friends and Family