The Unknown and Mythical Heaven Todaku Sri Naagara Hill is about 84km from Bengaluru, 169km from Mysuru, located in Amruthagiri village. One needs to go through a small muddy trail to reach the below of the hill. From below one needs to climb few meters on the stone to view the Mythical Sri Naagara Sculpture. It is believed that if we are able to draw the Snake Sculpture using Vibuthi and prepare 7 seru of Rice and eat it 7 times in this place and use only 7 steps to reach the Kamba below, then we are able to get the Treasure hidden in this place. However every time you try to draw the Naga Idol one ends up in the tail of the snake idol leaving the picture incomplete. The Kamba below has been ruined now and the saying has just remained as a myth. How to draw has been illustrated by the locals in the video uploaded. Give it a try if you visit here. It is also believed that if we slide between the Snake Sculpture and the Sri Basveshwara swamy sculpture (which is beside the naga sculpture) 3 times whatever we wish to happen will be fulfilled. I gave it a try, let me see how it goes. There is also a Lord Shiva Linga Sculpture few meters from this place next to small cave. During rainy season water flows through this cave and is very sweet in taste and drinking it is believed to be blissful. During Summer people get inside this cave and come of it through a small exit, which they believe to create a positive vibe in them. The hill is huge and one can trek till the top. Multiple cave believed to exit at the top where wild animals are believed to live. Hence late night trekking and camping is restricted. Overall the one of a kind Mythical Ancient History of this place and the refreshing trekking experience to the top makes this a must visit place with friends and family