The Unknown and Heavenly, Gorgeous, Beautiful, no words to describe simply amazing Parvathamma Betta Temple is about 127km from Mysuru, located in Dyathapura village. One needs to climb the stone hill to reach the top. Goddess Parvathamma Temple is present at top of the hill. It is believed that Lord Eshwara and Goddess Parvathamma visited this place. The view from above is jaw breaking. Lucky me it was raining and loved the mist view all around, especially the clouds passing through the near by hills. Ideal place for trekking and photography. If you are looking for hardcore trekking experience than you can visit Maharajanadurga Fort hill which is 4km from this place. Mysuru Maharaja used to stay in this place whenever he used to visit the Parvathamma Temple. Hence the ruin fort can be seen in Maharajanadurga Fort hill. Overall the blessings of Goddess Parvathamma with mesmerizing, eye soothing tranquil nature experience all around makes this a must visit trekking, picnic place with with friends and family