Muthathi forest is about 88 km from Mysuru and 101 km from Bengaluru, Muthathi is surrounded by a dense forest which is the home of the Kaveri Wildlife Sanctuary. The place is very scenic, this place is a nature lover’s dream come true and has a lot of scenic trekking trails. It is a treat to eyes to view the beauty of the colours of the forest. Muthathi forest is also known as the “Elephant Corridor” as it has one of the highest densities of wild elephants in the country.This is one of the famous forest place which has connection with Ramayana. The.The legendary story says when Sita Devi (wife of Lord Sri Rama) was taking bath at this place, her nose stud falls into the river, Then Anjaneya (ardent devotee of Rama) went swimming deep into the waters and picks and return it to her. Hence the place is called Muthathi. The Forest Department has allowed private boating. The boat riding to other bank of the river is refreshing. Commonly seen wild lives in this area are crocodiles, wild boars, jackals, leopards and huge number of birds.Overall a good place for swimming, fishing, trekking and to enjoy with family and friends