The unknown and Mythical Nagalingeshwara Temple on a small hill is about 56km from Mysuru, 12km from Begur town. The place where, after the immense Tapas of Sri Jagathguru Nagalinga Swamy, Lord Eshwar and Goddess Parvathi appeared to bless. The road to this place is good and lead all the way to the top of the temple. The view from above the temple is calm, peaceful and blissful. One needs to go through a small door inside a cave, where Ancient Sri Jagathguru Nagalinga Swamy idol is present. Ancient place with eye soothing nature all around. You can walk and feel the presence of Lord Eshwar and Goddess Parvathi all around the place.Overall the mesmerising Ancient Mythical history of this place, the forest surrounding this place and the blessings of Sri Jagathguru Nagalinga Swamy makes this a must visit with friend and family