The unknown and Mythical Heaven Shri Malethirike Eshwara Swamy Forest Hill Temple is about 120km from Mysuru, 250km from Bengaluru. Riders paradise, one needs to go through a muddy and thar road trail to reach the top of the hill. Ancient Shri Malethirike Eshwara Swamy Temple is present at the top. One should visit the temple with 1pm anything beyond 1pm is not allowed. There are five udhbhava murthy which represents five elements of nature. Place visited by Pandavas and the ponds present here are believed to be created from the arrows of Pandavas. Lots of bells are present here. The view from top is amazing surrounded by all the famous Western Ghat hills. Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary area, hence late night trekking and camping is restricted. Elephant hot spot area. Looking for a once in a lifetime tranquil experience this is the place to be, thus making this a must visit place with friends and family