The Unknown and Magical Siddhappaji Hill is about 55km from Mysuru, located in Alathur village. Out of 400+ unknown places i visited around Mysuru and Bengaluru from past 11years, this is one of those place that will remain in my heart forever as it is so Tranquil, Mesmerizing, Beautiful, Calm, Peaceful, Blissful and everything. No words to describe, just mind blowing. One of a kind place in entire world. The Ancient history of this place can be heard in the voice of Sri Ningaraju avaru. There are no steps or trail to reach the top of the hill. One needs to walk inside the surrounding forest thus making the trek hardcore and fun. Sri Siddhappaji temple is present at top of the hill. There are many caves at top of the hill. Forest area, hence lot of wild animals can be seen wandering even in day time, hence late night trekking and camping is restricted. Suggest to visit the place in large groups. I got to see a glimpse of Cheetah moving quickly inside a cave. The view from above is heavenly. Ideal place for trekking. Overall the abundant nature surrounding this hill with the blessings of Sri Siddhappaji makes this a must visit with friends and family