The Unknown and Magnificent Gavi Siddalingeshwara Temple is about 52km from Mysuru, 12km from Hampapura village. Myth has it that in Ancient times, many Muni have performed tapas inside the small cave. It is believed that one needs to visit the small cave before the Rooster crowing in the morning. The place is covered with Kaveri river which is eye soothing to watch. Jaynal Sangameshwara Bridge is build recently and the view from the bridge is Mesmerising. The small cave has a passage that is believed to be 87km long connected to Yadiyur Town. Some of the devotees have seen the 5 headed snake inside the cave. The Temple is suppose to be built during Chola Dynasty. Fishing is done using Coracle and nets. Overall the calm, peace of this place and the blessings of Gavi Siddalingeshwara makes this a must visit with Friends and Family