The Amazing Bettadapura Hill is about 57km from Mysuru and 225km from Bengaluru, 16km from Periyapatna Town. One needs to climb the 4000 steps in order to reach the top of the hill. Having stone steps for the entire trail makes the trek safer and guides the route. The climbing will seem easy at the beginning but one will be tired as hell by the time reaching to the top.There are mantaps at regular intervals. Half way mark one can see the ruins of the ancient Veerabhadra temple which has a Shiva Linga guarded by the Nandi bull. Top view is breathtaking and its worth the effort spent in climbing around 4000 steps.The Sidilu Mallikarjunaswamy temple on the top of Bettadapura hill built by the Cholas is more than 1000 years old.The temple is built on a plateau and is a simple stone structure with a Gopuram. The temple has a compound built on the foundation of stone slabs.The Nandi bull on top of a pillar which guards the temple and has been witness to people from different dynasties visiting this place.The inner sanctum of the temple has a Shiva Linga or Mallikarjuna which is believed to be struck by lightning every year around October. The temple has a compound built on the foundation of stone slabs.Overall the Spectacular landscape view, cold breeze, nature all around makes this trek a must visit place