Thonnur Lake is 40km from Mysuru and 156km from Bengaluru, A beautiful man made lake which is calm, quiet and serene. This lake is a scenic beauty and when it is full and overflows into the channel it offers free Jacuzzi. Also the sight is breathtaking, the wast waters along the rocks is a sight not to miss.The location of the lake is very important factor to give the visitor such an unusual look and scenic feast. The sun set behind the adjacent hills in the evening is really breathtaking .The lake is surrounded by vast sugar cane fields and traditional jaggery making houses, where you can drop by for some fresh sugarcane. Backside of the lake which has white sand and a very good view to the lake. The outflow of the water from lake has formed a man-made waterfall. Peaceful place to hangout in the weekend.Overall a nice place to hangout with friends and family