For all you lovely Mysureans who were asking me for a very nearby water playing unknown place to visit, this one is for you. The Unknown and Lovable Hale Undavadi Backwaters Island is about 19km from Mysuru, located in Chikkanahally village, Mysuru. What to say Amazing eye soothing Island. Ideal place for Swimming, Fishing, playing in water and Camping. Fishing is done using Coracle, nets and angling. Paradise place for Angler as the place is calm and peaceful. The sound of the water waves flowing is so mesmerizing to hear. The walk around this place is blissful and there are small hills surrounding this place where one can explore further. The view of clouds from this place is jaw breaking. Suggest to carry outdoor water play equipment to make the most of this island. Overall the infinite acres of pure heaven surrounding this place, makes this a must visit picnic place with friends and family